Happy 4th from the Big Wheels at Wheelhouse|Five

Happy 4th from the Big Wheels at Wheelhouse|Five

Yorkville may not have majestic purple mountains or fruited plains, but walking around our proud local town today, we witnessed a big slice of Americana.

For one, sunshine — gorgeous sunshine. Yes, you can get this no matter where you reside. However, it takes on a whole new meaning when it shines down on hard working Americans going about their daily routines.

At lunch, we saw many of these people: A hardworking man toting trays of fresh, sizzling selections of smoked meats that he labored over for many hours, and with a spring in his step, proudly carried from a hot smoke house into one of the newest restaurants in town, @SouthbankBBQ. There, we also encountered a smiling waitress, Sarah, who enjoyed talking about how great it would be to further develop the downtown with shops and restaurants on the riverfront. These fine folks were part of our day around town that started with a fresh cup of coffee and a wonderful conversation served up by Rachel at Yorkville’s locally-owned @GingerandSoul, which just expanded with new daily lunchtime hours and specials.

Amidst the sunshine and smiling people, there was something that many may not appreciate or realize – commerce. It was great to see couples, families, kids and more entering restaurants and shops, and just enjoying the natural beauty of the riverfront. This was a Friday afternoon where many people would be at work – and little Yorkville was bustling.

As Wheelhouse|Five and its team of Big Wheels works to become part of the fabric of Yorkville and surrounding communities, it is so inspiring to see others living the American dream. Yorkville is not a big town, and it has certainly experienced its peaks and valleys. We hope that we, too, can live this dream, survive the ups and downs and partake in commerce.

This town is your town. This town is our town. We hope that the wonderful people of Yorkville continue to see growth and prosperity — from the Fox River to the waterpark, from the Town Square to the state park. This town is for you and me.

Freedom is not free, and we understand that many who came before us paid a price for what we enjoy today. We know that many are away from their families on this holiday weekend continuing to ensure that we can enjoy these freedoms.

This weekend, we will raise our flag, salute it, and thank everyone that makes our country great from sea to shining sea and all places in between like Yorkville. We hope you will, too. God Bless America and the hard working people that make it great!


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